Alan Sonfist

Circles of Time

Circles of Time
Circles of Time

Circles of Time, that began in 1986 in Villa Celle, tells a narrative history of the Tuscan landscape. Each ring represents a new milestone in land usage. The inner core represents a primeval forest before human intervention, an herbal ring represents the Etruscan use of the land, and bronze sculptures of fallen endangered trees represent the Roman gods. A wall of laurel represents Greek influence. Within the wall are small entryways that can be used to access the work. A concave geological ring contains stones collected from various elevations, positioned precisely in the ring as they existed in the mountain range so that the ring becomes a geological mimicry of Tuscany. The outer ring is composed of contemporary agricultural use of the land: olives and wheat.

Indigenous vegetation, bronze, and stone
3 acres
Collection of Villa Celle, Italy