Alan Sonfist

Curtis Hixon Park

Curtis Hixon Park
Curtis Hixon Park

Beginning in 1993, the Natural/Cultural Landscape of Tampa, Florida, known as Curtis Hixon park, concrete pathways running through the park are in the shape of indigenous trees to the Tampa area. The entrance to the park is a mural visualizing the transformation of the area over time from dunes, to warehouses, and eventually, skyscrapers. Throughout the park, there are islands of ancient landscapes representing the unique ecological niches of the Tampa region. The seating areas echo the ancient leaf patterns, the trash disposal containers are case surfaces of the original . The entryway has four columns representing the Cardinal directions, each covered in ancient indigenous plants. The park becomes a reflection of the narrative environmental history of the city.

Natural vegetation, concrete, steel, wood, and water
1993 - 1995
7 acres