Alan Sonfist


Selected lectures by Alan Sonfist.

Naked Nature

The lecture traces the history of sustainable art from prehistoric to contemporary art.

Time Landscape New York City

The natural and cultural history broadens the idea of how nature can be reintroduced into the urban center.

Art in the Land

Fourth coming second edition of the book Art in the Land, originally published by EP Dutton. The lecture encompasses the environmental art movement from the 60s to the present.

Selected Keynote Speaker

  • Art Ecology Conference: Berlin, Germany

  • Public Art of the Park: University of Lund, Sweden

  • Nature of the City: Midwest Art College Association: Memphis, TN

  • Public Art: National Museum Art Conference, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Australian Nature Environmental Sculpture for National Museum

  • Southern Landscape Conference, Miami, FL

  • Rhode Island School of Design Landscape Conference

Symposiums and Visiting Professorships

  • Boston Museum of Fine Arts, "Earth, Air, and Fire." Boston

  • Dade County Art Conference, "Public Art and the Environment." FL

  • Environmental Art, Cooper Union, NYC

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, International Conference. Canmbridge, MA

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, "Artist Series:Nature as Public Monument." New York

  • Penn State University, "Urban and Suburban Environmental Art" PA

  • Southern Sculpture Conference, "Art of the Land." San Antonio, TX

  • Research Fellowship - MIT, Cambridge, MA