Alan Sonfist


Exhibitions of movies show fragments of the existing landscapes composed of natural and artificial objects.

Third Mind Exhibition, historical exhibition of the influences of Asian American art. 3:06 min

End of Alain Resnais' "Mon Oncle d'Amerique,"

Mural and forest by Alan Sonfist. Commissioned by the Public Art Fund of New York. Run time: 1:14 min

Secret Landscapes

The ancient trees of New York City previously existing where the Empire State Building stands, by Alan Sonfist. Run time: 3:24 min

Naked Streams

The ancient streams of New York City in contrast to the contemporary city, by Alan Sonfist, run time: 2:13 min

Tree Skin

The trees of my childhood compared to the skin of my hand, run time: 1:22 min

Circumference of a Tree

The mapping of my ancient childhood tree, run time: 0:54 sec

Birth by Spear

Birth by Spear by Alan Sonfist is an environmental sculpture that serves as a sustainable connection between mythology and the modern day. This sculpture is both a visual marker of time as well as an educational forum for the community, run time: 1:08 min